E-Mail Us for a quote or questions. Tampa FL Commercial/Residential Swimming Pool service. In Tampa Call (813)417-4022 anytime for a Free pool service quote! NSPF certified pool operators servicing all of Hillsborough County FL. Discount pool service in the Carrollwood, Northdale areas. CPO 33-150546 Certified and Registered by the NSPF-National Swimming Pool Foundation. Liscensed and Insured. CALL Anytime! 813-417-4022.

Safari Pools has been servicing swimming pools in the Tampa FL area since 2001. We use liquid chlorine. Unlike gas chlorine, liquid does not harm your pool surface. Unlike granular chlorine, liquid chlorine does not leave unsoluble powders that look like sand on the bottom of your pool and will not harm the pool surface or equipment like granular chlorine can. Granular chlorine can also make your pool appear cloudy and overtime granular chlorine can cause severe pool water chemistry problems such as too high of a TDS (total dissolved solids) or too high of a calcium content causing severe scaling and chalking of pool walls and tile. We offer chemical delivery, chemical and filter service or full service. Full service includes: 1.)Check Water level add or remove water as neccessary for proper skimming of water. 2.) Vacuuming (if auto vac) we vacuum areas that your pool vac cannot reach such as steps, swimouts, and areas the pool vac just will not go. 3.)We then scrub the tile line 4.)Fine net the surface for pollen and bugs. 4.)We brush the walls and floor. 5.)We empty both skimmer basket and filter pump motor basket. Once every month we: Clean the inside of Skimmer with green scrubby. Clean Stainless Steel handrails. Check for Spider webs on inside of cage/screen. Optionally we can: Blow debris from deck of pool and equipment. Pressure or chemical wash deck, cage or furniture. Clean gutters. Repair or replace screen sections. Repair or replace screen door closures and locks.

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